Ralph Breaks the Internet is a great film with a story to tell. Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman) gets bored with her game, Sugar Rush. Spending her time driving the same tracks, racing the same racers, leads to a life without challenges. Her free time is spent hanging out with Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) at the Tappers saloon game. Ralph is the only person she regularly communicates with.

Vanellope doesn’t want to leave the safe confines of Sugar Race and Ralph but her identity of being a racer hits her core. When Vanellope enters a racing game inspired by Grand Theft Auto called Slaughter Race, she finds a new adventure that she can be a part of. Personally, as a gamer who loves to play both Need for Speed and Mario Kart, I could relate with Vanellope. The adventure spans outside of one game to another because of its differences yet the similarities provide for a natural transition between the two. However, Vanellope has been living in only one game and has been introduced to something new and exciting.

Inside of Slaughter Race, Vanellope meets a racer named Shank (voiced by Gal Gadot) and they become friends who admire each other’s racing skills. As a result, Vanellope comes out of her preconceived personality, feels like she belongs, and has fun.

Meanwhile, Ralph is doing everything that he can to help his little friend. He has to come to terms that there is more to Vanellope than he has seen but more importantly he realizes that there is more to be being a friend than he realizes as well.

The lesson we can take away from this movie is that in our lives, friends will come and go but the friendship doesn’t have to end. We can continue to be friends and support one another even though our friendship changes.

The ending of the movie takes a surprise twist and we do not know where Ralph and Vanellope’s friendship will go in the future. There are several opinions on the Internet but we are anxiously waiting for the 3rd movie and hoping that we will get to experience their friendship across several movies in the coming years.

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