Disney is the happiest place on earth and for any Disney fan, that can certainly be true.  However, when you have a lot of people in one location at any given time, there is the risk of some dangers at Disney parks that we all need to be aware of.   First and foremost is making sure that you keep valuables out of sight or hidden when parking your cars at one of the many Disney Resorts or Parks.  You certainly don’t want to come back to your car after a long day riding Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom only to find your favorite set of Mickey ears are gone!

Keeping an eye on children is another huge safety concern on any parent’s list.  The parks are big places with lots of areas for kids to hide or get lost in.  Come up with a plan if older kids get separated from you during a day at the Disney parks.  Think of a good place to meet that everyone will remember and make sure they stay there until you find them.  For small children teach them to talk to Disney cast members.  Disney has a very good system in place for lost children so make sure the little ones know who to find if they should get lost.

The Disney parks themselves have rules in place for everyone’s safety and there’s a reason for that!  We all know the Disney Monorail opening spiel of “please stand clear of the doors”.  That goes for many of the park rides as well.   No one wants to hit a body part on a ride and spend their day at the nurses station  or worse.  Also, certain parks have their own set of rules, such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Not feeding the animals is a very important rule because that is how many of the animals at Disney’s Kilimanjaro Safari ride know it’s time to come into shelter at night or if there are weather issues.  They even use feeding time as a time to have the animal trainers/veterinarians check on the animals so you definitely don’t want them full from your corn dog and miss a health check!

With a little common sense staying safe at the parks is pretty easy.  You certainly don’t want to ruin a family vacation by not playing it safe or forgetting to think about safety and security of your family and belongings or the safety and health of the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   So next time you’re at the parks please stand clear of the doors!

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