Let’s go back to 1993 when a little movie came out called Hocus Pocus.  This year marks the 25thanniversary of Hocus Pocus’s release and the movie has a pretty good following for something that is a quarter of a decade old.  You can see a Hocus Pocus stage show in front of the castle at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World and from my experience in September of 2017 at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party it’s a fan favorite at the park!

Hocus Pocus is about the Sanderson sisters who are witches.  Bette Midler,  Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker play the sisters.  The movie also stars Omri Katz as Max, Thora Birch as Dani and Vinessa Shaw as Allison.   Thackery Binks is played by Sean Murray as a child and Jason Marsden as the voice of Binks.

Hocus Pocus starts with the Sanderson sisters trying to cast a spell to make themselves younger and are interrupted.  In order to stay young the Sanderson sisters need to suck the life out of children so the they kidnap a young girl named Emily.   Realizing his sister is in trouble Thackery goes to the house and ends up in a fight with Mary, Winnie and Sarah.  He is put under a spell that makes him a black cat and proceed to suck the life out of Emily.  The town catches wind of this from Thackery’s friend and go to the Sanderson’s home and hang them.

From here we fast forward to modern day where we are introduced to Max, Dani and Allison.  Max gets stuck taking his sister Dani trick or treating and they end up at Allison’s party.  They decide to go check out the Sanderson house.  Max isn’t exactly a believer of the superstition surrounding the Sanderson sisters.  He lights a candle that is referred to as the black flame candle that the Sanderson sisters had cast a spell on to bring them back to life if a virgin lights the candle. This is when the movie begins to run amouk, amouk, amouk!

Hocus Pocus continues with the Sanderson’s trying to track down the spell book that Dani, Allison and Max took from the house.  The Sanderson’s meet up with Thackery and the kids decide they want to help Binks so they open the spell book.  Meanwhile the Sanderson’s are trying to remember the spell that will give them young life. Mary, Winnie and Sarah see the spell book open because of the light it gives off and they get on their brooms and go to the house where the kids are at with Binks.

The kids fall asleep and eventually Max and Allison wake up and go downstairs.  They hear a noise upstairs and run up to find Dani being held captive by the Sanderson’s who also have the spell book.  The witches take Dani and Sarah Sanderson begins to sing a song that lure’s the kids to them.  The Sanderson’s have already kidnapped a couple bullies that had been bugging Max.  The Sanderson’s try to get Dani to drink the potion so they can suck the life out of her to make themselves young.  The kids make the daylight come in order to get the Sanderson’s to miss their opportunity to steal life from the kids and the spell will end.  The kids escape but the Sanderson sisters are still alive and the other kids are still coming.  Finally Dani, Max and Allison end up at the cemetery with some friendly zombies.  Another fight ensues because the Sanderson’s are still trying to get Dani.  The Sanderson sisters come back and Max, Dani and Allison try to kill them with salt because that is what will kill them.  One of the Sanderson witches grabs Dani during the fight scene and Max ends up drinking the potion to save his sister.  The witches try to suck the life out of Max just as the sun comes up and they don’t get the life from him.  Binks ends up reuniting with his sister and as the movie closes we see the eye of the spell book moving.  Sequel perhaps???   Please Disney!

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