Mary Poppins Returns Review

Last week I went to see Mary Poppins Returns. I am a huge Mary Poppins fan so of course, I had to see this movie. I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t be nearly as good as the original Mary Poppins since the original is so wonderful and a classic in my opinion. I was glad that I was pleasantly surprised. While it’s not the original movie, it did certainly have that Mary Poppins feel and Disney really tried to make it different, but include some of our favorite things from the original movie.

The references to the original movie were done in such a way as to not be too obvious but recognizable by those who are fans of the original Mary Poppins. I think having the movie center around the grown-up Banks children was certainly helpful in letting us a flashback to the original Mary Poppins while creating new Mary Poppins scenes in our heads. We also see the return of the Banks’ neighbor and his firing of the canon on the roof of his home which of course is just as entertaining as it was in the original movie.

In this movie instead of chimney sweeps, we have the street lamp lighters called leeries. They had a dance sequence very similar to Chim Chim Cheree that was probably my favorite song and dance number in the new movie. The songs, I didn’t feel were as great as the original Mary Poppins movie, but that could just be because they aren’t songs I’ve known since my childhood. I would imagine they will in time become some of our favorites and we will know them just as well as we know Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or Spoonful of Sugar.

In the movie, the Banks children are trying to save their family home after the bank wants to take it because Michael hasn’t been able to keep up with the payments after the passing of his wife. While he is a part-time employee of the bank, his main job is as an artist. He and Jane begin to figure out how to save the house and realize that their dad has some shares in the bank that will be able to cover the payment. The trouble is, they’ve lost the copy of the shares certificate. The movie focuses around the finding of these shares and without spoiling the movie ending completely, I will refrain from telling if they found those shares and saved the house.

Overall, it’s not the original Mary Poppins, but it certainly has a Mary Poppins feel and was entertaining to watch and find the different references to the original movie. I would recommend seeing it, but don’t expect it to have the original Mary Poppins feel. Enjoy it for what it is.

Steamboat Willie Popcorn Bucket Available February 1st

Steamboat Willie Popcorn Bucket Available February 1st

Get Your Ears On- A Mickey and Minnie Celebration, a party observing the 90th Anniversary of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, is actively taking place at Disneyland. Mickey’s Soundsenational Parade has returned, specialty food items and merchandise fill the park, and Annual Passholders are also receiving an opportunity to purchase a unique popcorn bucket.

Globally, Steamboat Willie is recognized as the debut of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in 1928. The Steamboat Willie Balloon Popcorn Bucket offer is open to Annual Passholders, and available for a limited time starting on February 1, 2019. If you purchase this item, refills on popcorn will only cost $1.

Disneyland Locations are:

Fantasyland (Small World)
Fantasyland (Fantasyland Theater)
Frontierland ( Mark Twain Riverboat)
Main Street, U.S.A. (Central Plaza)
Main Street, U.S.A. (City Hall)
Mickey’s Toontown (Gadget’s Go Coaster)
New Orleans Square (Haunted Mansion)
Tomorrowland (Star Trader)

Disney’s California Adventure Locations are:

Buena Vista Street (Carthay Circle)
Grizzly Peak (Soarin’ Around the World)
Hollywood Land (Hyperion Theater)
Pixar Pier (Pixar Pal-A-Round)

Life Animated

Life Animated

Life, Animated is a book written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Ron Suskind.  His son Owen was born a typical baby, but at a very young age, he becomes non-verbal.  The family takes him to doctors, therapists and anyone else they think might be able to help figure out what happened.  Unfortunately they are not successful in bringing Owen back to his former self.


The family begins to notice that not only does the family love Disney movies, but that Owen has a much more involved love of these movies.  Owen and his brother Walt watch the movies a lot and eventually notice that Owen uses these movies to communicate with his family. He will act the movie scenes out with the family to communicate what he needs and feels.  The family begins to join in this in order to communicate with their son. As time goes on Owen begins to use phrases and words from the Disney movies causing the family to realize just how much of an impact they have on Owen and his ability to communicate.  


During his life Owen goes to special schools where his Disney learning style is appreciated, but the family also faces setbacks when schools won’t allow the special learning style Owen needs.  He goes back to his old school where the family feels that he’s not learning what he needs to learn. This is especially apparent when Owen says he wants to be an animator for the Walt Disney Company.  Owen has a special talent for drawing and the family wants to help him with that talent. HIs mom eventually begins to home school Owen so they can prepare him to move into high school and eventually college.  


Owen finally makes it to a college of sorts.  He forms a Disney Club with others who are like him and together they share their love of Disney, discuss what helps them communicate when they sometimes can’t find the right words and even helps Owen find love.  


One of the biggest things about Owen that is discovered is that he likes the Disney sidekicks more than he likes the main Disney characters.  Jafar, Rafiki and Philoctetes are an integral part of Owens life. He uses their lines to shape and mold his own life. Owen also feels that no sidekick should be left behind which moves Owen closer to his dreams of being an animator.  He meets with animators at the Disney studios in Burbank, meets actors who have voiced characters in many of his favorite movies and forms bonds and friendships with many of them because of his love of Disney and his dreams to be an animator.


This book is full of inspiration, showing how Disney can truly inspire even those who have no voice and these Disney movies even help them find their voice.  This book is the story of the Suskind family and I highly recommend it if you’re wanting a book that shows just how important the Disney legacy can be.


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